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The history of Cohasset can be found in the people and families that live here. Many of the families that are here can trace their lineage back to the founding families. Cohasset Central Cemetery is the resting place of many of the early founders. These are the people that made Cohasset what it is today.

National Historical Register
This is a copy of the application submitted to the National Historical Registry or "NHR". (18 pages Acrobat document)
Narrative for NHR
This is a section of the NHR application used as a narrative for Cohasset Cemetery
Statement of Significance for NHR
This is another section of the NHR application used as a Statement of Significance, very informative.
A Brief History of Cohasset History of Cohasset and it's businesses
A Brief History of Little Harbor How Little Harbor became a harbor
An Old New England Village Green The story of Cohasset's Town Commons
The Battle Over Atlantic Ave History of Atlantic Ave
Brass Button Ave The history of actors and their homes along the Cohasset coastline.
Cars and Carriages The early steamengine cars and gas engines in Cohasset
Cemetery Art in Colonial Times Headstone carving in Colonial America
Civil War Soldier Received Top Honor Cohasset's Gaylord S. Brown receives the Medal of Honor
Cohasset's Break from Hingham How Cohasset became a town
Cohasset's Cosmopolitan Sea Captains The history and background of Cohasset's Sea Captains
Cohasset's Earliest Homes Descriptions of the locations for Cohasset's earliest homes
Cohasset's First Town History Cohasset catches historical fever and writes it's own story for the first time
Early Burying Grounds The creation of Cohasset early burial grounds in the 18th century
Early Libraries The Social and Washington Libraries and the Cohasset's desire for a free public library.
Early Seashore Resorts of Cohasset Development of early resorts in Cohasset after the 1840's
Ed Tower's Recollections A long time citizen of Cohasset recalls his families long history in town.
Ellery Clark The story of Cohassets own Olympian in the first modern Olympics of 1896.
Exhiled in Cohasset: The Lantern Hangers Story What happened to the man who lit the lanterns that started Paul Revere's Ride
First Fire Engine The story of Cohassets need to equip the "Fire Wardens" with the first fire engine.
First Post Office Cohasset's early Postmasters and Post Offices.
Highlights of Cohasset History Captain John Smith in Cohasset
History of the Hagerty Property Mariners Park and the Hagerty Family
Ira Stoughton's Memories of Early Cohasset Ira Stoughton's memories of the early 1900s in Cohasset
Life of a Sailor Boy: Earliest Memories Captain Francis Pratt's earliest memories
Little Harbor History of Little Harbor and it's roads, bridges and dams
Merchants of Old Cohasset Story of early merchants in Cohasset
Minot's Ledge Lighthouse History of Minot's Light
Old Cohasset Doctors Early physicians of Cohasset as told from eye witness accounts and passed down tales.
Origins of Conohasset Where the name Cohasset originated
Mrs Percival's Diary A Cohasset housewife keeps a diary of a unique voyage
Pirate Ships Cohasset's ties to an ill fated pirate ship
The Savor of Salt at Cohasset Salt production in Cohasset
Scituate Light and Shipwrecks Story of Scituate Light and Minot Light and the wrecks along the coast of Cohasset
Seafaring Village Cohassets early years as seafaring village and the men and boys who went to sea.
Securing it's place in history Cohasset Central Cemetery is addedto the National Register of Historic Places.
Storied Rocks of Cohasset Tales of the rocks and islands of Cohasset
Superba Hanlon Brothers The Hanlon Brothers were a family of theater actors who settled in Cohasset.
Thoreau in Cohasset Henry David Thoreau visits Cohasset
Two Old-Time Cohasset Inns The Red Lion Inn and The Black Rock House
War of 1812 The effects of the War of 1812 on the economy of Cohasset.
Why Cohasset is in Norlolk County How Cohasset came to be surrounded by Plymouth County
Wreck of the St. John The tragic wreck of the Irish “famine ship” St. John



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